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SoftTidier stores data about software install packages
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Managing your software library can become a hard task, especially when you are fond of collecting different types of applications or you are in charge of IT in an organization. Lots of data need to be collected and stored, such as the application´s name, company, price, keys and many more.
SoftTidier is a database application specifically designed to store data about software install packages. With an admirable simplicity, the developers have managed to solve a difficult problem; no matter how complex the database may be, its easy-to-use interface will not let the user notice that.
The first step is obviously to populate the database by adding programs. At this point, you will be able to provide basic information about the installer being added, such as version, company, website, price, category and type; however, the only required field is the program name. Moreover, you may choose to enter registration info; this is where you can store the authorized users’ names and keys. However, in my opinion, the real value of this software that differentiates it from any other database is that it allows to attach the install file to the description. In this regard, there are two attach modes available. The simplest, called reference, works like a shortcut to the program’s location on your disk while the import mode actually embeds the program into the database. Although the latter mode can really make the database grow bigger and bigger, it has several advantages. First, it assures portability, which means that by just copying the database to another location, you can take your whole install repository with you. Second, it preserves your files from getting contaminated by viruses.
Browsing this database is easy: the entries will be appropriately catalogued in various tabs, according to your classification criterion, namely: category, company or type of software. Furthermore, you can additionally sort them by price, name, user name or user mail. In this respect, two main actions are possible from the software list: you will be able to export the install package to another location or launch it from there.
On the whole, SoftTidier is a very useful application that may be appropriate for beginners or experts as well as for individual or corporate use.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It can protect install files from being contaminated by viruses
  • It allows to export embedded install packages to other locations


  • In the attach-program mode, the database can get too big
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